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Weaving in Ends And Yarn Tails

When you finish knitting, weaving in ends is simply a way to get rid of the loose dangling yarn ends that are left over.

OK it’s a nuisance! Best advice here?

Plan a movie night, get cozy on the couch, grab that knitting project and get it done….

It is important after all because when you weave in ends it makes sure that:

  1.   The ends are secure so that they don’t start unraveling your knitting
  2.   The yarn ends stay put and don’t poke through on the right side
  3.   Your knitting looks so much better and neater too

All you’ll need is a yarn needle and a pair of scissors.

Thread your tapestry needle with your first yarn end and follow along.  What you want to try to do is follow the bumps as you’re weaving in ends of yarn.

Note:  Weaving in ends on a garter stitch fabric can be done the same way because they have the bumps too.

Weaving in Ends for Stockinette Stitch

                 weaving in ends          weaving in ends

Take your tapestry needle and push it up through a couple of the purl bumps as in the first photo.  Then skip the very next purl bump and put your needle into the one beside it and push down through the first loop and down into the loop underneath it as well (2nd photo)

                  weaving in ends          weaving in ends

It will look something like the photo on the left.  Next, on the right photo there is an arrow pointing to the next stitch.  Skip that bump and put the needle into the stitch beside it and push up slanting needle a little so that it goes into the same stitch as the yarn is in already at the top.  This way you are kind of making figure ‘8’s.

                  weaving in ends          weaving in ends

The left photo shows what it’ll look like.  With your tapestry needle skip the next bump and go into the one beside it and push through and down slanting needle a bit to get the needle into the loop with the woven yarn already in it (at the bottom).  See photo on right.

weaving in ends

Keep weaving in the end this way for about 1 – 1 1/2 inches

weaving in ends

It will look something like the above photo.  Now that the yarn tail is safely tucked away you can cut the end and your done with the first dangly end.  Keep on going

weaving in ends

When you turn your knitting over you will see that it’s almost invisible and with the same color yarn it won’t show at all.

First dangly yarn end done.

Weaving in Ends for Ribbing Stitches

You’ll find that weaving in ends for ribbing stitches is even easier.  Rib stitches look the same on both sides so here’s a great way to tuck in those ends so no one will see whichever side you use.

weaving in ends

Here’s how to do it

                       weaving in ends               weaving in ends

Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn end.  I am just using a contrasting color in order to show you how.

In the first photo I am just weaving through a stitch to line it up with the beginning of the rib stitches.

To get started  (2nd photo on the right) push needle through the right leg of the ‘V

weaving in ends

Keep catching the loops of stitches with your tapestry needle.  It’s almost like you’re curling the needle around each loop to catch it.  Just keep on weaving up all those right loops of the ‘V’.

weaving in ends
weaving in ends

And there. I went all the way up. If this was the pink yarn end you wouldn’t even see it.

                          weaving in ends                weaving in ends

When you have gone up one side for about an inch you can hook your needle on the left loop going back down the other side just like in my photo (above left).  Then do the same thing by curling you needle around the loops going down (right photo)

weaving in ends

And there you have it.  You can snip off the ends and you’re all done.  See how it’s barely noticeable?  And it won’t notice at all when you use the same yarn as you knit with.

I found a great knitting video showing you how to weave in ends as well so if you are still uncertain have a look.

Weaving in Ends Knitting Video

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