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Turtleback Sweater – Easiest Knitting Pattern Ever

The turtleback sweater knitting pattern is just great for beginning knitters. You’ve just got to try this.

As you may know I am always on the look out for simple knitting patterns for beginners. It’s so important to me that you have a great start with your new hobby. In fact it means a lot to me.

So I just love it when I come across something that will help you feel like a knitting superstar. Heck if you can get started knitting with simple, pretty knitting accessories just think of all the things you can make as you improve your knitting skills.

The most important part about knitting this sweater is to make it stretchy by using various rib stitches. This way it will give you the form fitting coziness.

And the versatility of this simple little pattern is limited only by your imagination. For instance make it really short for a little shrug or make it much longer if you want to be wrapped up in coziness.

Dress it up with a beautiful lace knitting stitch pattern or use a more basic one like I did.  I used a 3 X 3 rib stitch pattern to show you how simple it is to make.



How about trying one of these stitch patterns.  You’ll be so surprised at the transformation each time.

Use a bulky weight yarn to make this a nice quick knit project or use a worsted or fingering weight yarn. The thing is you can make it any way that you want.  So experiment and have fun with it.

How To Knit a Turtleback Sweater

All you do is knit a square or a rectangle, sew up a couple of small seams on the sides for the armholes and there you have it; a lovely cocoon sweater all ready to enjoy.

For this easy knitting pattern I will direct you to this lovely lady named Bonnie from Stitching in Saskatoon who has one of the best knitting instructions for how to knit a turtleback sweater.

Here’s the link for you

A Few Details On The Turtleback Sweater I Made

Yarn:  Patons Classic Wool Medium Worsted, Color – Emerald

Needles:  Size 8 (5.00 mm)  (I only used one set of needles and just kept knitting haha)

Gauge:  Approximately 4 sts per inch.

Finished Size: It stretches so much it’s pretty hard to tell you the size but it’s approximately  32″ X 37″ and stretches way beyond this.

Note:  Gauge is not too important however you will need to have a rough idea of your gauge in order to make a size that fits you

What would a rough idea be for knitting this turtleback sweater? I would just take a quick measurement of the widest part of your body.  And to give it a little extra room you can also add one extra inch to make it even more comfortable.Then multiply that number by your knitting gauge. OK I don’t advise this very often but if you aren’t going to knit up a gauge swatch check out the yarn label and see what the suggested gauge is using the size needles they recommend. The one thing to keep in mind with this is, it’s not precise at all but rather a guideline. Let’s keep going…

Here’s an example:  If your widest point is say 40″ add 1 inch to it. And if your knitting gauge is 4 sts per inch here’s the calculation:  41″ X 4 sts = 164 sts to cast on.

If you decide to knit the 3 X 3 ribbing you will need to work it over a multiple of 6 stitches. The 164 stitches is not divisible by 6 so choose the closest number that is. In this case it’s going to be either 162 or 168 stitches to cast on. You decide which number you want to cast on. The 162 is obviously the closer number but then again if you want to have it roomy you may enjoy the extra stitches.

Next you’ll cast on the stitches you need and knit your rectangle.

I really hope you enjoy this lovely turtleback sweater pattern and all its possibilities.  Happy knitting!

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