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Newbridge nun reunited with her knitting stolen at Electric Picnic

nun with stolen knitting at mysimpleknitting.comA nun from Newbridge whose knitting was nicked at Electric Picnic is over the moon as she has been reunited with her crochet work.

Sister Columba (90) who is part of the Sisters Of Holy Family Of Bordeaux, and a member of the Kildare Yarn Bombers, helped crochet some beautiful jumpers for the trees in the Hazel Wood.

She was one of the oldest artists to have designs showcased at Electric Picnic.

When the Yarn Bombers returned to site to collect it on Monday, they were “disappointed” to find it had been stolen.

Organiser of the Kildare Yarn Bombers, Annie Morris, said Sister Columba is delighted it has been returned to it’s rightful owner, with thanks to help from the trusty internet, and the lady who came across it.

“Amazing news. I met a woman in a car park late last night and she handed it back to me! She had washed it too… We are all so happy, especially Sister Columba.”

The designs will all go on display next June at the ‘Life is Short Smile While You Have Teeth’ exhibition in the Linear Park, Newbridge as part of JuneFest.

Kildare Yarn Bomb




Knitting Eases PTSD

One minute I’m moving along thinking everything is working out. I have my new site up and running and want to continue to bring you new content. Plus I’m trying very hard to knit up some baby things for my new grand baby due on Christmas Eve. And don’t forget I’m trying to work on my temperature blanket that has been put aside for now. Well, sounds a little busy right?

I absolutely love everything about what I do. I love this website and I love working on it, plus I absolutely love knitting. However out of the blue today something popped up that sent me back to the past once again.

I’m not sure how many of you know what PTSD is (post traumatic stress disorder), but I’ll try to give you a brief idea.

I was going along with my day, planning some knitting pages to add to my site ( I was thinking of some fresh new knitting stitch patterns), and I was also planning on knitting some baby things. I made a phone call to one of my yarn shops. Innocent enough right? My call was automatically put on hold with background music (quite loud) and very nice except for one thing. It was a song my ex played all the time. For those few seconds as I sat there my life as I know it today disappeared. I was thrown back into a terrible situation and I burst into tears. It was a sudden jolt of another reality I use to live all the time – bone deep pain, loneliness and unbearable sadness.

With PTSD there are things called triggers which can be things like a sound, a voice, a smell, a place, words, and well, just about anything. Only the person who has it can tell you what affects them personally.

Wool Yarn from Knit Picks

I thought that today I would post this because keeping it quiet doesn’t work and I know I’m not the only one that suffers from PTSD.

You know what my best remedy is when this happens? Knitting!

For the rest of my day I will spend it doing something I love. Knitting is wonderful for keeping me grounded and keeping me busy. It’s a way to turn those negative feelings into something positive and filled with love.

knitting eases PTSDPick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on knitting.


Woman knits more than 900 teddy bears for charity

teddy bears for charity at mysimpleknitting.comDorothy Dick, 77 years old, has been knitting since she was a little girl but it wasn’t until nearly 10 years ago her love of knitting took on a whole new meaning leading to more than 900 teddy bears.

A girl up the road from Dorothy passed away in 2005 and left her a bunch of yarn. “I wasn’t knitting bears at the time.”

Dorothy had heard about Teddies for Tragedy and a friend of hers got Dorothy the pattern for making the bears.

It’s been 10 years since Dorothy, a mother of 10, grandmother of 13, and great-grandmother of 14, started making her teddy bears. Counting the ones on her kitchen table, Dorothy has made 922 bears.

More information from the Miramichi Leader newspaper. Fee required to view.


Yay! My Simple Knitting Is Now Live Come On In

Hi everyone. What a barn raising…phew and all that construction dust is still in the air. Well I must say we’re still ironing out a few glitches but it’ll all get sorted out.

It has been a lot of fun building my new site, and also a very contemplative time for me personally as I continue to move forward with my life. It’s pretty exciting.

My Simple Knitting now has freshly updated pages and lots of fun new features for you to enjoy. And of course stay tuned for fresh new knitting lessons and easy knitting patterns in the coming months.

By the way, I hope you’re still working on your temperature blankets. I have to admit I’m a little behind because of all this building going on but I’ll catch up.

I could not have done all this without the amazing help of my dear friend Ted who is the techie behind all this. He has worked tirelessly getting things just right and he still is. We do make a great partnership.

Happy Knitting Everyone!