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Knitting Tools & Accessories – Annie’s

Using the right tool makes for a pleasurable time, and there are so many tools to choose from nowadays. I made this knitting tools and accessories Gallery easy to read and to get as much information on an item as possible. I hope you enjoy rummaging through them. You may find some handy little knitting tools and knitting stuff you haven’t even thought of before.

Annie’s Catalog is part of the third-generation Muselman family business based in Berne, Ind., near Fort Wayne. The business began in 1925 with the founding of Economy Printing Concern.  Annie’s Catalog was first published in 1975 and has gone on to be a favorite shop of many knitters.

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These links do not affect the purchase price and you will not pay more when you buy a product through my link. All prices in effect at time of publishing.


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