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Knitting Needle Sizes and Needle Conversion Chart

A knitting needle sizes chart can be one of the most handy tools in your knitting bag.

You see needle sizes have a kind of numbering system. There are three numbers associated with each needle size.

The sizes are marked in metric (mm), US sizing or UK/Canadian sizing. Sometimes the knitting needles are marked with a set of numbers too, for instance the metric sizing and the US sizing.

Here’s an example:  A pair of my circular knitting needles reads like this: US 6 / 4.0 mm. However some of my really old knitting needles (hmm OK I’m dating myself here ha-ha) only have one number on them like 12, and then some just have the metric number 8.0 mm.

So how do you know if it’s the size needle you need? Just scroll on down and check on the knitting needle conversion chart and it will help you.

Why Do Knitting Needle Sizes Have Different Numbers?

It depends on a couple of things:knitting needle sizes

  • Which country you live in
  • Which country you purchased your knitting pattern from
  • And where you purchased your knitting needles

All those factors will determine which numbering system will be used.

But more importantly, with a handy knitting needle conversion chart you will be able to see at a glance all the knitting needle sizes and find the one you need.

Note: When you buy knitting needles in the store you may notice two sizes. One size is for the diameter of the needle and the other is the length.

The most important size you need to look for is the diameter.

This number will determine the size of the stitches on your knitting needle and ultimately the size of your finished knitting project. The thicker the needle the bigger the stitches and the thinner the needle the smaller the stitches. It has to do with knitting gauge and it’s something you’ll need to take a look at when you’re ready.

The length of the knitting needle is more of a personal choice. Of course if you will be using lots of stitches then you will definitely need the really long needles however if you aren’t you could go to a shorter knitting needle for comfort sake. See which feels more comfortable in your hands.

Below I have made a knitting needle sizes conversion chart for you to have a look at and then download if you like. Just slide it into your knitting bag so you can access it easily when you need it. That way you will be prepared for whatever size needle your pattern calls for.

If you’d like to print out a copy of my knitting needle conversion chart Click Here

Knitting Needle Sizes Conversion Chart

2.25 - 2.50113
12.0 - 12.7517--


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