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Knitting Abbreviations – All that Knitting Jargon!


Feel a little lost with those knitting abbreviations in your knitting pattern? You’re not alone.

With so much knitting jargon out there today understanding it all is confusing and intimidating to say the least.

The good news is…I’ll help you sort it out.

knitting abbreviationsI’ve created a list of the most common abbreviations and their meanings. There are loads of abbreviations out there but honestly as you continue learning to knit and reading knitting patterns it will all become easier to understand.You will find that a lot of common knitting abbreviations are just short forms of the word itself, for instance

  • K for knit
  • P for purl
  • tog for together

These are simple right? If an abbreviation is two words long it will be a short form of the two words, RH for right hand and you guessed it LH for left hand. It’s not always like this but in lots of cases it is.

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Most beginner knitting patterns will only have the simple abbreviations and as you work through the pattern it will become easier to understand. And I know you’ve heard this before but it just takes practice. You’ll get it!

Most good knitting patterns will give you a list of the abbreviations they are using, even explanations if it is a more complicated stitch pattern.

Take a look at the list below. Some have links for a little extra help.

Common Knitting Abbreviations

AbbreviationWhat it Means
BOBind off or Cast off
cnCable Needle
COCast On
dpn(s)Double Point Needle(s)
K or kKnit
k2togKnit Two Stitches Together
kfb or kf&bKnit In The Front Then In The Back Of Stitch
ktblKnit Through The Back Loop Of Stitch
LHLeft Hand
M1 or m1Make One Stitch
P or pPurl
p2togPurl Two Stitches Together
pat or pattPattern
pfbPurl Into Front & Then Into Back Of Stitch
pmPlace Marker
pssoPass Slipped Stitch Over
ptblPurl Through Back Loop
RHRight Hand
RSRight Side
SKPSlip 1, Knit 1, Pass Slipped Stitch over (slip as if to purl)
SK2PSlip 1, k2tog, Pass Slip Stitch Over
sl 1 stSlip 1 Stitch To Right Needle Without Knitting It
SSKSlip, Slip, Knit
St stStockinette Stitch
tblThrough Back Loop
tflThrough Front Loop
WSWrong Side
wyibWith Yarn In Back Of Work
wyifWith Yarn In Front Of Work
yfwdYarn Forward
yoYarn Over
**Repeat Instructions Within ** As Required
( ) [ ]Repeat Instructions Within ( ) and [ ] As Required
A list of the most common abbreviations and their meanings, updated as I find and add new abbreviations.

Please check out my page of  knitting terms to help understand as well. If what you’re looking for isn’t here it may be on that page. Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for just drop me a line in the Knitting Community and I’ll be happy to help.

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