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Garter Stitch Hat Easiest Ever Hat Pattern

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You’ll love how easy this garter stitch hat is to make up.  In fact if there is such a thing as ‘too easy’ this easy hat pattern is it.  And you’ll probably want to make more than one.  So gather up a bunch of knitting yarn and start knitting some hats for all your friends and family.

I wanted an incredibly easy hat pattern that anyone can knit without a lot of fussing and I have 3 reasons for this…

1.  Because I want beginner knitters to be able to knit some easy and fun knitting projects as they learn how to knit. This is another knit and learn project. Maybe all you learned so far is the knit stitch. Well, that’s just great because now you can make this garter stitch hat.

2. I want you to experience early on as you’re learning, just how cool it is to have something that you actually made.  It just feels so good and that’s what knitting is all about.

Just because you’re still learning to knit  doesn’t mean that you can’t make anything.

3. For experienced knitters who love quick knits and a quick pick-me-up after a long project this quick knit garter stitch hat may do the trick.  I love these kinds of knitting projects.  Don’t you?

This hat can be worn two ways, as a slouchy hat or as an extra warm and snugly hat by folding up the brim so that it fits nicely on your head.

To download a PDF of my Garter Stitch Hat Pattern… Click Here

Garter Stitch Hat Pattern Details

Skills Required:  Garter stitch, seaming garter stitch

Circumference: Approximately 19 – 20 inches (51 cm)


  • 1 ball worsted weight yarn
  • Knitting needles:  US 9 (5.5 mm)
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge:  Not important (Don’t you just love it when a knitting pattern says that?)

Pattern Notes: Gauge is not important for this knitting project as I mentioned.  The main reason for this is that Garter stitch is extremely stretchy.  This easy hat pattern will fit many different sizes.

Great Knitting Idea: If you have leftover yarn, have more fun knitting and grab my  fingerless gloves knitting pattern too. Then you’ll have a nice set.

Garter Stitch Hat Pattern Instructions

Cast on 78 stitches

Knit garter stitch for approximately 12 inches.

Bind off leaving a long tail.  (The long tail is used to close the top of the hat).

Sewing up:

Thread  a tapestry needle and beginning at brim, sew up side seam creating a tube.  Then with tapestry needle weave in and out of  bind off stitches pulling tightly to close the hole.  Weave in the ends securely.


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12 thoughts on “Garter Stitch Hat Easiest Ever Hat Pattern

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  1. Hi There! Total beginner here. Thanks for the helpful tips and instructions on your blog. I would like to try out this hat pattern, but I’m not clear on the best way to close up the top. Can you explain that a little more?


    1. Hi Kate. Using the yarn tail at the top of the hat, thread it through the tapestry needle and then push the tapestry needle through the live sts to close the top of the hat. Then pull tightly. I usually go through the sts twice to make sure it’s really secure. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. Hi Tink,

        I love this hat and all the effort you’ve put into this tutorial! I’m a beginner knitter and have made this hat twice so far and admit that I have problems stitching the top of the hat. I always end up with a few holes after I pull the yarn taunt. I then go back and forth from one side of the hat to the other trying to connect everything together. The end result doesn’t look great. Do you have any tips?

        Thank you so much,

        1. Hi Robyn. I’m really sorry you’re having difficulty seaming up the hat and I don’t understand why you’re getting some holes in it. Hmm, make sure that you’re putting the yarn needle with the yarn end through every single stitch so that there aren’t any holes at the top. I always put the yarn needle through the top twice to make it stronger and as you start pulling the top closed make sure to guide the stitches along as well so that you get all the stitches positioned properly and tightly. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Hi. Thanx for sharing. I have started to make a hat for my daughter following your pattern. Thank goodness there is no knitting in the round!

    I am using kids needles so only managed to cast on 38 thinking it would fit my daughter. Judging by your reply to an above question I think the hat may be for one of her dolls now!

    1. Hello Clare. You’re very welcome! Yes unfortunately 38 sts with a worsted weight yarn won’t be big enough. The hardest thing to understand and I have trouble with this all the time, is that a child’s head isn’t much different in size to that of an adult. A newborn head size is approximately 14 inches and a toddler is about 19 inches. An adult head is between 20 and 22 inches. It’s hard to fathom because you’re looking down at a child and thinking little right? I know. The only difference will be in the height that you make the hat so for a child’s hat I would make it about 8.5 – 9 inches in height instead of 12. Since this hat will fit an adult head you could get away with casting on about 72 sts instead. What you could do is make the hat for her doll and a matching one for her. I bet she’d like that. Happy Knitting!

  3. This looks like something I would like to try. If you are making this for an 8 year old small child how many would you cast on for this hat and what size needle would you use. Thanks for the information and the pattern. Regards, Dorie

    1. Hello Dorie. A child’s head isn’t much smaller than an adults so I wouldn’t change much. Because this hat is on the bigger side you can drop down to about 72 sts to cast on using the same needles and make the hat height about 8.5 – 9 inches instead of the 12 inches. Happy Knitting!

    1. Hello Patricia. Actually this pattern was made with worsted weight yarn at about 4 sts per inch so using a double knit will make the hat too small. What you could try to do is hold two strands of the double knit yarn together as one and it may work. If you’re able to get about 4 sts per inch though you’ll be good to go with it.

      I don’t normally answer knitting questions in the comments section here as I have a great little forum where everyone can benefit from the answers. There’s more room and space for me to explain things. If you have any further questions please ask them over there and I’ll be happy to answer them. It’s totally free to join. Happy Knitting!

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