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Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern For Beginners


This fingerless gloves knitting pattern is a fun little knitting project that’s great for beginning knitters. It’s kind of a ‘knit and learn’ pattern. And it’s a nice way for beginners to have a little fun knitting plus you’re making something useful. This simple quick knit project also makes a great last minute gift idea. You can knit of lot of these babies….Haha

So you may ask…Doesn’t ‘fingerless’ defeat the purpose? Is there still any warmth left? I totally know what you mean. I felt the same way at first. Fingerless gloves won’t really keep your fingers warm but with so many mobile users out there and knitters and people working in chilly workplaces, knitting fingerless gloves is a great alternative. And quite useful. They can keep your arms, wrists and palms warm while still being able to text, type, drive, crochet and even knit. I use mine all the time but in particular like using them when I drive.

PDF Download for fingerless gloves knitting pattern  Click Here

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Details

fingerless gloves knitting pattern

Skills Required:  Garter stitch

Materials: 1 skein (4 oz/173 g /204 yds/187 m) Red Heart Gumdrop in color of your choice. This color is Juicy. And you’ll need a yarn needle for seaming up when you’re finished

Needles: US #8 (5mm)

Gauge:  5 stitches and 8 rows = 1 inch (Please note that for this particular knitting project gauge isn’t important)

Pattern Notes: You can use any worsted weight yarn you like.  And since these mittens are made in Garter stitch they will stretch quite a bit.  You don’t have to worry about knitting gauge.  I only listed the knitting gauge as a point of reference.

When you cast on stitches you will be casting on the length so if you would like to have them longer to go up your arm just cast on more stitches.

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Instructions

Make 2

Cast on 27 stitches

Knit every row for 40 – 60 rows (that would be 20 – 30 garter ridges) depending on your hand size.  I knit 60 rows however my hands are on the bigger side.  Simply wrap your knitting around your hand to see how they fit.  Snug enough?  Not too tight?  Just right?  Awesome, then you’re done.

Bind off loosely.

Finish:  Fold square lengthwise so that garter stitch ridges form vertical stripes.  Seam up sides leaving a hole for your thumb.

Want to make changes to my simple knitting pattern? Here’s a couple of ideas…

How about trying a different stitch pattern like Stockinette stitch. Or, I have a page on knitting stitch patterns. You may like to try some of my knit and purl stitch patterns and see how they come out. This way you can practice knitting stitches plus make a few pairs of fingerless gloves. And don’t forget they make lovely knitted gifts or you can keep them all for yourself. Have fun with it.

Want to make them longer? When you cast on stitches for these gloves you’re casting on the length so if you’d like to have them longer to keep your arms warm simply cast on more stitches. This will make a nice pattern variation for my fingerless gloves knitting pattern.


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