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Frequently Asked Questions about My Simple Knitting.

  1. I’ve been knitting for years. Am I allowed to join Absolutely. Although our main WordPress site contains information for beginning knitters, our Knitting Community forum board is open to all knitters.
  2. I need help with my knitting. Where do I go for help? Join our Knitting Community forum for free and ask your question in the appropriate forum board. If you need help with knitting, ask in our Help With Knitting board. If you need help with a pattern, ask in our Help with Patterns board.
  3. What if my knitting comment isn’t about help with knitting or help with patterns? You can post your thoughts in the General Knit Chat boards. Are you upset with some aspect of knitting, be it some yarn, some pattern, or something else? Post your comment in the Arrrggggghhh!!!! board. Would you like to share your love of one particular yarn, your go-to yarn when it comes to knitting something? Post your thoughts in the Go-to yarn board. There are other boards as well, and if you have an idea for a board not on my site then let me know in the Board Suggestions board.
  4. Where may I find more information about your site? My ‘Discover My Simple Knitting‘ page has lots more information about my site.
  5. Are you on Facebook? Yes and no. You may find me here on Facebook. I have to warn you though, that while I have a Facebook account and post to it I spend most of my time on If you’d like to start a conversation with me then my Knitting Community forum board is the best place. I found I couldn’t give the proper amount of time to people seeking help with knitting when I was on a number of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and also managing a forum, knitting, running my web site, and trying to have time for myself and my friends.

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Need help? Please post all knitting questions in Our Knitting Community where I or another member will happily answer your questions. It's free to join.

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