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Discover My Simple Knitting

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Here’s were you will discover some of what my new My Simple Kntting site offers knitters. There’s information on some of the things you can do on my new site and a bit of history about how My Simple Knitting came to life.

Discover what’s here for you.

Here’s just a small sample of the things you can do on My Simple Knitting:

Learn to knit.

Whether you are just a beginning knitter or are an experienced knitter you’ll find lots of pages with detailed pictures and videos on knitting, yarn, reading labels, stitch patterns, knitting patterns, etc.

Knitting Community.

All balled up in a pattern? Are your stitches twisted? Ask a quesiton on my Knitting Community forum board and I or another member will try to find a solution.

Help With Knitting, Help With Patterns, and Knitting Resources are three of the boards. Need another board? Let me know.

Need help using my Knitting Community forum boards?

There’s a Help link in the main navigation menu bar of our Knitting Community which will explain some of the functions. Plus a forum board with addtional information on using my Knitting Community forum.

Knitting Videos.

I’ve placed all the knitting videos used within my knitting instructions pages in one place on my Knitting Community, each video containing a link back to complete instructions. Click here to visit my knitting video forum board.

Monthly contest for $25.00 gift certificate from Knit Picks.

What's our sheep saying on


There is also our ‘What’s the sheep saying or thinking’ contest where you could win a $25.00 gift certificate from Knit Picks each month until the contest closes. Who doesn’t like free money?

But my Knitting Community isn’t just about asking for help with knitting or patterns, or enjoying contests. It’s for meeting and chatting with other knitters in a friendly forum, a place to show off your knitting, a place to socialize with other passionate knitters. It’s a place where you’ll feel safe while having fun socializing with other knitters.

Dock and Suset image on

Have a picture of something you’ve just knitted and would like to share it?

Maybe just a nice image?

Picture Gallery.

Maybe you have some pictures of your knitting, or a holiday or weekend away you’d like to share with others. Or perhaps you have some pictures of your cat or dog or other pet you’d like to add to our Picture Gallery. Or maybe some clothing or jewelry or arts & crafts.

The Picture Gallery is easy to use, and I’ve included a Read Before Using Our Gallery page in my Welcome to My Simple Knitting Community board with information to help you with picture size etc.

The Welcome to My Simple Knitting Community section also has  Introduce Yourself so you may introduce yourself to other Knitting Community members.

Can I have my own picture Gallery?

Yes you can. Post your pictures to a Category in our Gallery, create your own personal Gallery, or do both. It’s up to you.

Can I share my pictures on social media?

Yes. Share your work on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with a simple click.

Can I upload more than one picture at a time?

Absolutely. You can upload more than one picture at a time to a daily maximum of 20 pictures.

Here’s some more things you can do on My Simple Knitting.

Personalize Display Name for Security.

Hackers love sites which use the Account name for the Display name. To help protect you the Knitting Community forum allows members to change their Display name after they have registered. This way hackers and other snoopies only see your Display name and not your login name.

Information on setting your Display name is in the ‘Welcome to My Simple Knitting Community” section of our Knitting Community.

Knitting Community Anti-Spam Verification Sytem

It is with regret that such a system has to be put in place. So much spam is being sent to web sites by robots that common civility seems to be uncommon nowadays.

The verification system lasts until it determines you are a robot or human. This is usually a very short period of time. This system is only for our Knitting Community.

The anti-spam system monitors a members posting actions to ensure member is a human being and not a robot. Once the system recognizes you are human it will stop asking for verification. The system is quite efficient and will make using our Knitting Community a bit safer for every member.

Announce a Knitting Event

Are you or your church group, business or social group planning on holding an event and would like to share that with our members and visitors? Planning a sale? Or a convention? Or maybe a fair? Perhaps a trade show? You can quickly and easily announce any knitting related event anywhere in the world, for free, on our Events pages.

Here’s how to spread the word of your upcoming event.

Event List example on

Shop at My Simple Knitting Shop.

I’ve put together a collection of yarns, accessories, tools, and other items of interest to knitters offered by well-established companies like Knit Picks and Annie’s. I made the display easy to use and  filled with lots of information about each one.

There are lots of items to choose from, so take your time and have some fun looking at all the items I’ve selected to display in My Simple Knitting Shop.


Is there something you’d like to see added to my site? Post your suggestion in the Board Suggestions section of our Knitting Community forum board.


tips for knitting at

family of sheep at







Like our sheep images? I do. I wanted something fun and whimsical on my knitting site and fell in love with these when I first saw them. I’ve got a bunch more I’ll show you, so keep your eyes out for changes.

History of My Simple Knitting.

My Simple Knitting home page

My Simple Knitting first began as in 2011. By 2016 the site had become quite popular and I decided I had to move to properly serve the increasing number of knitters visiting my site every day. I felt the old simple-knitting site didn’t have the ability to offer all the things I wanted to offer knitters visiting my site.

I realized moving the site would be traumatic, both for myself and my millions of knitting friends who visited the site all those years. I had started simple-knitting during a very dark period of my life, and it had become my lifeline. (Read my About Me page for more about that period.) Moving to a new site would be very emotional for me.

Moving to a new site would also be exciting, as it would be like closing doors on a very dark period of my life and opening a window of new growth for me and new possibilities for all my knitting friends.

Moving would also be problematic. My former “simple-knitting” site was hosted by a company which used a proprietary format for web site construction. There was no way to simply move the site to another host. This meant rewriting all the content again on my new My Simple Knitting site.

No simple cut/paste and there you go, but complete rewriting of all my pages, uploading all the pictures, recreating all the links, and checking everything over and over to ensure my content not only looks right but works right too. But there were a few losses too.

I’d lose the tens of thousands of Pinterest likes.

I’d also lose the tens of thousands of Facebook likes and Facebook Comments.

My new site would look so bare of likes and comments. All those years of wonderful comments and Pinterest likes just gone. No longer could I look at my Andulusian stitch pattern page and see the 12,000 Pinterest likes growing and growing.

Andulsian Stitch pattern on

Worse yet, none of my visitors would see all the Pinterest likes and comments. I’d have start all over again with zero comments and likes. Naked like a new born baby.

But moving to finally got rid of the one thing I grew to really dislike on my old site; the hyphen.

Deciding upon a new host and platform.

Deciding upon a new host and platform was made much easier thanks to my friend Ted Summerfield. With his help I decided upon having my own server, super-fast SSD drives, lots of memory and storage, and security through the use of SSL across the site.

I chose to use WordPress as the platform, and with Ted’s help chose the software needed to power the new site.

Next came the part of having to recreate all the content again. A non-trivial task. But it was good too. I got to rewrite some pages I had written while I was under great stress, when I first started my web site in 2011. I’d be typing away on a rewrite and some word or phrase would appear and then bang, I’d be flooded with images and sounds from those terrible, terrible days of my marriage. Doctors tell me its PTSD. I say I’m moving on and getting rid of all that crap.

I felt my stomach tighten everytime I placed a picture on a page in my new site, thinking of those tens of thousands of now lost Pinterest totals on an image. And those wonderful and heartfelt Comments lost forever. I decided to create a page for a few of the former Comments and copy/paste some of them there.

Well that’s it folks. A little history of My Simple Knitting, a sampling of what you can do here.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have suggestions for improving our site and/or our Knitting Community forum please drop me a note on our Knitting Community Board Suggestions forum.

Thanks for visiting.


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Need help? Please post all knitting questions in Our Knitting Community where I or another member will happily answer your questions. It's free to join.

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