Bind Off Knitting Tips For Finishing Stitches


How many bind off knitting tips can there be?  Well probably quite a few but I’d just like to give you a couple more knitting tips to help you finish knitting your project successfully.

Many knitters (me included) tend to cast off knitting stitches way too tightly and when that happens you lose the stretch in your knitting.

I made a lovely pullover and ended up casting off the neckline so tightly that I couldn’t get my head through.  It was so disappointing.  And then I made a little scarf and I found that the bind off edge was so tight that it just started curling up….arghhhh.

bind off knitting tips

See in this photo here how the whole bind off row looks kind of curly and the last stitch is loopy?

I sure wish I new some bind off knitting tips when I was learning to knit. Little tips and hints can make so much difference in your knitting.

Bind Off Knitting Tips to Try

One thing to keep in mind with bind off stitches is that they are not elastic to begin with, so even binding off with the regular tension you’re used too, can still be too tight so…

Bind off knitting tips #1: For the bind off row, try using a knitting needle that is 1 or 2 times larger than you used for the body of your knitting. This can really help keep those stitches looser and the finished edge will look more even and all the stitches will nice.

Bind off knitting tips #2: When you cast off in knit or purl whatever the case may be, knit the stitches very loose and sloppy like.  This is the one time that you can do this.  I know it sounds a little off the wall but give it a try.   After you cast off about half the stitches or so then stop and have a look at what it looks like.

You may be very surprised that they look perfectly fine.

What I try to do when I am binding off is to just let the yarn flow through my fingers without applying any tension at all.  That way the stitches pretty much fall where they should and they won’t curl.

Try it Out on a Teeny Tiny Swatch

Cast on about 25 – 30 stitches and knit for about 1 – 2 inches at most. Then start to bind off stitches.  Try casting off with a bigger knitting needle for about half of the stitches and then try to bind off messy and sloppy.  Don’t tension the yarn at all and just see how it goes.

Stop and have a good look to see how the stitches look.  See which way you like the best.

By practicing this way you’ll be able to get into the groove about how to keep the stitches loose.

Last Bind Off Knitting Tips….The Loopy Last Stitch

Sometimes that last stitch just doesn’t seem to lie right and it always seems a little looser than the others.  Sometimes it just looks wonky.

What Do You Do?

Here’s my instructions to fix the wonky last stitch

bind off knitting tipsbind off knitting tips


You are down to the last two stitches on your needles.  One on the right and one on the left. (1st photo)  With your right needle slip the last stitch from the left needle over to the right. (2nd photo)

bind off knitting tips

There are 2 stitches on right needle.

bind off knitting tips

I turned my needle around a bit so that you can see.  What you will do is stick you needle into one leg of the stitch below the stitch on the needle.

bind off knitting tips

Lift that leg onto the right needle just like the photos.

bind off knitting tipsbind off knitting tips


Next, slip those 2 stitches back onto the left needle (1st photo) and then knit them together.

bind off knitting tips

Now you have 2 stitches left on your needle again.

bind off knitting tipsbind off knitting tips






Finish binding off stitches normally.  When you have the last stitch on your needle, cut your yarn and bring the yarn through the last stitch and pull snugly.

bind off knitting tips

Looks cool right?  Oh I know if you see on the right side I did make one stitch looser than the rest (by accident) but you get the point right?  It’s even and it doesn’t look loopy and wonky.  Yippee.

I hope these bind off knitting tips help.

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