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It’s easy to add your knitting related event to our Events program; let us do it for you for free. Is your Event a recuring one? Let us know and we’ll set up a recurring Event for you.

Email us the following information at least 2 months ahead of Event and we’ll add it to our Events database:

  1. Location. Name of the Hotel, Convention Center, Business, or Place your Event is being held. If your Event is online and doesn’t have a Location then we just need the name of your Business.
  2. Address
  3. City or Town
  4. State or County is optional
  5. Postal/Zip Code
  6. Country
  7. Contact person or phone number or URL to register or for more information. If your Sales Event is through your online store its URL is all we need.
  8. Some details about your Event. Include one or two photos if like.
  9. Category of your Event. Please choose from one of these Categories: Conference & Seminars, Networking Events, Sales Event, or Trade Show.
  10. The earlier the better. Send us your information 2 months or more in advance of your Event. If your Event is a recurring Event include that information as well.

Help us spread the word of your Event by taking a moment to email the above information to us at

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